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Builds your movie gallery on the fly.

Builds your movie gallery on the fly.

CHOOSE instantly builds a gallery with the movies you have in your PC or portable device, where you can browse through the covers, see info and trailer online, search, and pick the movie you want to see.

CHOOSE builds your movie gallery in just 3 steps:

1. Looks for video files beyond the folder it was installed in, and attaches it to any adyacent picture.

2. The name of the folder where the movie was found will be picked as title.

3. In case two or more video files are found in the same folder, (part #) will appear next to each title.


* Multilingual interface: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German and French.

* 99% accurate trailer and info researches.

* Shelfview and Gridview modes.

* Intuitive controls (keyboard and mouse).

* It's independent from the video player. Launches the player already installed on your computer.

* It's portable.



Choose 1.1

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